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  • Starting:15 July 2017
    130 Minutes
    Marie Féret, Marc Barbé, Delphine Chuillot, David Moreau
    Consumer Advice
    Mild sexual references and coarse language
    French, with English subtitles
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    A sumptuous feast for the eyes, ears and heart, this vivacious costume drama deftly blends fact and fiction to explore the fascinating little-known story of the talented elder sister of a cherished creative genius. Feeling repressed in the shadows of her prodigy brother, 14-year-old Nannerl (a sublime performance by director René Féret’s daughter, Marie) harbours a desperate desire to create music for which she is cruelly mocked. Despite her own brilliance, she is relegated to accompany her brother Wolfgang on the piano, her father forbidding her from playing the violin, claiming it to be an instrument unfit for a girl. Frustrated by the limitations placed on her, Nannerl discovers romance through the Dauphin (Clovis Fouin) who nurtures Nannerl’s dreams of acceptance both as a musician and a woman. Partly filmed in the stunning Palace of Versailles, this handsome period piece conjures a breathtaking world of 18th-century pre-revolutionary France. By bringing an exuberant era alive with the joy of music, this inspirational tale of creative passion is destined to be adored by music and cinema lovers alike.